of course

so typical

the image of her

the flash of her

its always the painted skin

his eyes are always deceived

he never learns i guess

it will always be

her without a heart

her who is wild

he who remains a child

chooses like one

they don’t love like me

but oh well

he never learns

never stops

loving painted lies

painted ladies

i never wore a mask

and fell for yours

as you fell for hers

keep falling

without me

-melanie ann

The Aging Furnace


The Aging Furnace

The Aging Furnace
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ANOTHER AMAZING POET : jpignopoetry 🌻

What Dante
Didn’t realize
Is that hell falls
Where we stand
As a place
Which turns all children
Into men
Who burn their toys

And trade such games
For knives
At request
Of the aging furnace
With need
To fuel some meaning
Among what flames
Will rage

On smolders
Made from dolls
Like blazes
Eating trinkets
Inhaling dreams
Left swallowed
By tongues
Of fiery beasts

Called progress
Or due time
Beyond this day
We’ve wasted
Abiding heat
Through money
Amassing wealth
In death

While paints
And colored tales
Speak heavens
Out of waiting
When art remains
Our faith
Keep cooler hopes

Expressing play
As God
Still innocent
Though abating
These sparks
Which stifle memories
With resistance
Held in prose –

This cross
I long to seek
Despite how tinder
And ruins words
By torment
Of young virtue
Growing old,

My past
That’s nearly lost
Every moment
Reason suffers
Knowing hope
Is giving purpose
Through each final
Act of fun.

– J. Pigno



they are so blind

they cant even see


they choose not to

because its not a party

im not young

I’m not cool enough

I’m not shooting “hot” selfies

I’m not half naked worshiping myself

where is the fire emoji for me?

this is not

or am i just not

for the heart button

why are “the others”

“the one”

dont i ever have a chance

with no hesitation

push the others aside for a second

im tired of the curb

being my home