How can I stay

And watch myself lose you?

How can I walk and watch you run

All that I am

Was because of you

So damn stupid

All the time

For how long

Lord thank you for helping me breathe


If I held him one more time

I wouldn’t know me anymore

Lord why did this last?

Why did I last?

How come you didn’t give up

When I kept pouring another mans cup?

How did I get back to this

Unnatural bliss

I was blind

Too blind

But now I see

I see my rainbow ahead of me

Instead of his back,

I see the calm after the storm

How sweet the air is

How green the trees are

The magic put into me when all is done

How sweet is this music I hear

This fruit I eat

My skin I’m in

How the world turns

Turning a dead force into…

a live angel

A magic empress

In my own world

You are no longer here with me

In my own world

I am my hero

Not you or anyone before

Just me

Just God

He is within me

Unless the sky is falling

Don’t come knockin at my door

No, no, no

I see me


The only one who dreams within a dream

I see me

My strength

My love

Not to coincide

With your lie

-melanie ann

Times Of Desperation : REPOST


Times Of Desperation
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“I need you more than anything.
But I’m too scared to admit
my desperation for you.”

I can feel you everywhere around me like a fog in the night. Creeping along the dew-kissed grass. I can hear you whispering through the trees. And it sounds as if they’re trying to whisper right back at you. I want to call out your name. Reach into the darkness for your hand. Because I need you more in this moment than I’ve ever needed anything in my life before. But I’m too scared to admit to myself that I’m desperate for you. Like I’m freezing and you’re the warmth that will soothe my aching bones. Maybe, if I’m brave enough to let your name escape my lips, that will break the spell and bring you back to me.

© Sarah Doughty

Because now, without you,
all I feel is lost.
And lost is a barren
wasteland of ice and snow.