How can I stay

And watch myself lose you?

How can I walk and watch you run

All that I am

Was because of you

So damn stupid

All the time

For how long

Lord thank you for helping me breathe


If I held him one more time

I wouldn’t know me anymore

Lord why did this last?

Why did I last?

How come you didn’t give up

When I kept pouring another mans cup?

How did I get back to this

Unnatural bliss

I was blind

Too blind

But now I see

I see my rainbow ahead of me

Instead of his back,

I see the calm after the storm

How sweet the air is

How green the trees are

The magic put into me when all is done

How sweet is this music I hear

This fruit I eat

My skin I’m in

How the world turns

Turning a dead force into…

a live angel

A magic empress

In my own world

You are no longer here with me

In my own world

I am my hero

Not you or anyone before

Just me

Just God

He is within me

Unless the sky is falling

Don’t come knockin at my door

No, no, no

I see me


The only one who dreams within a dream

I see me

My strength

My love

Not to coincide

With your lie

-melanie ann